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Pain and Pleasure

For the past 4 weeks, I have not been really lucky. The past two weeks, I was having a continuous pain because of constipation. It seems like I did not take care of my diet.

A few visit to the doctor helped to ease the pain. And my bowel habit is getting better now. Everyday I’ll have two pieces of papaya to keep my bowel healthy.

Both of my legs then were giving me problems. When I woke up in the morning, there is this pain like needles poking into my right heel. And everytime I sit down on the floor with my legs crossed, there will be this pain at the same of the knees when I stand up to uncross my legs.

I felt like I am an old man. Two visits to a reflexologist that cost me RM35 each did not bring much improvement. It felt better right after the massage and also the day after. On the third day the pain came back. The same thing happened after the 2nd visit.

So as a last resort, I went for Chinese acupuncturist. Six needles were used. Two each on the left and right legs, and 1 each poked into my heel for 20 minutes.

The result? 75 percent of the pain is now gone. I think I think to go for another 2 session and God willing, the pain will be gone forever.

And it costs only RM21 and yet the result is very satisfying.

That’s what we call it Minimalist Health Treatment. Least effort (20 minutes session as compared to one hour of reflexology massage), much better result( 75% of pain is gone compared to on and off pain), and the least amount of money (RM21 per session compared to RM35 per session of reflexologist).

You should try Chinese acupuncture.

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