Ahmad Fadli KC : 07.2010 : On Talking to God and Devil (Personal Development)

What if I tell you I am able to talk to God and devil?

I can hear their voice clearly. The devil is always tempting me into comitting something sweet and yet forbidden.

And God is always telling me not to follow the devil’s word, or else I will just be repeating the history of Adam and Eve.

What if I tell you that I talk to them both literally? And we indeed have conversation.

Most of you will say that I’m crazy. Schizophrenic.

But the irony thing is that, we have all been believing in God and devil. And yet when I tell you they do talk to me, most of you will say that I am crazy.

It is like a cat telling another cat that their owner has just meowed her.

The other cats will tell that one cat that it is crazy.

But what if we live 2,000 years ago and I tell you God and devil talk to me directly?

People will call me a prophet. You will records my words and compile it into a Holy Book. And people will worship me alongside God in worshipping places.


But that is not my whole point. If you want to know what beneath all of this talking to God, see you this Sunday at Padang Kota Speakers’ Square.