Ahmad Fadli KC : 01.2010 : Have More Sex and Make The World A Better Place (Uncategorized)

Men should have more sex. With women. Not with men.

Why are you afraid to go and approach that women? She wants sex more than you do !

We don’t have clitoris. Clitoris is a unitasker organ created by God for women to enjoy sex.

Our penis is for us to urinate and have sex. But clitoris. It is intended for sexual stimulation only.

Do you realise that women moan and groan louder than men in bed ?

I love it.

So there you go . Two reasons to go and approach women that you like. She has a clitoris we don’t .

She moans louder in bed than we do.

If you are a man and too chicken to approach a women, you better get an appointment with this man.