Ahmad Fadli KC : 09.2009 : Mercedes Benz and Nocturnal Emission (Uncategorized)

My friend says that for now he does not need a car.

He wants to get a house, and get married. Then he will buy a car.

And that car, will be a Mercedes Benz. He does not want it to be the usual upgrade of Kancil to Proton then to some Japanese car then to the dream car.

He wants to bypass all those. That is his dream.

He will persevere by working hard and save money and make more money.

I told him Mercedes Benz as a dream car is like a wet dream.

He must work hard, persevere to get the car.

In order to have a wet dream, one must not have sex.Or masturbate that often.

If one masturbates too much, no wet dream.

Then I told him I haven’t had a wet dream for quite some times 🙂

But I don’t masturbate. He said something must have happened in between.

I just smiled.

He asked if I am a virgin.

I just smiled again.

If Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Elton John are are not virgin, that makes me a virgin.