Ahmad Fadli KC : 08.2009 : So You Want to Charm The Ladies? (Uncategorized)

“Lucky thing I did not put you on the speaker phone. If not the whole world would have heard you !” said my cubicle mate to the other person on the line while giggling. It was an early morning.

“Did you know what he said? He asked if I wanted to marry him” she told us while laughing. And all of us including that cubicle mate of mine know that the guy was just joking.

But I felt yikes at his joke. A sudden slight yikes. What made me feel that way? That guy has done nothing wrong to me. He was just being funny. But still, I felt weird.

I slumped myself onto my chair and tried to clear up my thoughts in my head. What makes me feel that way? I should have not felt that way towards him.

He was just being charming to my colleague. Am I jealous of him? Hell no ! But wait, he is not like that to everyone. He is not charming towards the other older ladies working in the office. He is not charming to other married woman in the office. And he is not charming to other cosmetically-challenged girls in the office.

He has been practising selective charm.

No wonder I felt that sudden slight tinge of hatred to him. He is not really that friendly to people of the same gender with him. In my dictionary, he is not a full-fledged ladies’ man, even he thinks he is one.

In my model of a ladies’ man, he should be a person that women want to be with, and men wants to be him. But not that guy, I never want to be him.

A ladies’ man charms everybody. He is friendly to everyone that comes into contact with him. His male friends will secretly want to emulate him. And yet they do not mind being led by him.

The elder ladies in his social circle secretly wish that he is a guy their daughters are dating. And the elder guys wish they were like him when they were younger.

And the girls, of course, are fantasizing of having a piece of him. 

That my friends, are the real hallmark of a ladies’ man.