Ahmad Fadli KC : 08.2009 : The Art of Doing Almost Anything In Life (Part 2) (Uncategorized)

The second principle of doing almost anything in life is what we call it The Reflection.

To be exact, anything on the external is a reflection of something in the internal. And what is going on internally is then reflected externally.

In a more concrete and tangible sense, the way we act towards a certain thing is a reflection of how we think about the thing. And the way we perceive a certain thing is expressed into how we handle that thing.

Around 9 years ago, I was very very bad with women. I thought I need to be intelligent , and have a lot of money. Man, I was wrong !

I met a friend in campus. He was extremely good with women. He did not have a car. But I was sure of one thing . Almost all of the most sought after girls in the campus were literally lining up vying to be his girlfriend. Semester after semester.

So being a friend of him, one day I asked him if he could give me one piece of advice . A simple but profound advice on how to be more succesful with women. And he succintly told me that all I need to do is to be comfortable around women.

Simple right? What strikes me the most about that  advice is that being comfortable starts with a comfortable state of mind. At that time, I was being too conscious on how I behave around women. I cared too much if what I say might offend the women and later on I might lose their attention.

From that day onwards, I tried very hard to be comfortable around women. I will think of them as my male friends whom I can just relax, be my real funny self and connect with them genuinely. I bare my naked soul to them. I busted their balls when I need to and I teased them when I feel like to.

And things started to change as well from that day. I started to experience better results with women. More of them were giving signs of being attracted to me. And some were hitting on me blatantly.

And all of these started with a slight change in thinking. I changed from being an extremely self-conscious person to being a laidback-I-don’t-give-a-fuck guy. Which in return makes me feel more comfortable with myself. The chain effect of this is that girls start to feel more relax as well around me and enjoy being around me.

I changed my thinking and the results changed as well.