Ahmad Fadli KC : 08.2009 : The Only Skill You Need to Be A Boyfriend (Uncategorized)

A friend of mine recently got into a relationship. A real relationship. A relationship with KY Jelly, stack of porns and the left hand does not count as a relationship in my dictionary.

And this friend of mine is 28 years old. I am happy that he is in a relationship. But sadly, it is a long distance relationship.

Which I don’t really recommend. For him, I am writing this article in case he googles my name and find this article.

The only skill a man needs to be a boyfriend is to BE A MAN. Literally and figuratively. Which means a guy needs to have a dick. If a guy does not have a dick, most probably he is a butch in a lesbian relationship. But even if he has a dick, he must not be a dick.

In essence, BEING A MAN = Have a dick + Not being a dick.

Of course I was joking. To be a man in its real sense means being able to take the lead. It means being able to set the pace/progress of the relationship. It also means being able to lead a girl to make a decision when she is not in the mood to decide.

When a man is being a man, a girl can become a woman and surrender and submit herself to him. And open her heart and her legs for him . To accept and receive him wholefully without any inhibition. 

Then only a relationship will bloom and expand. And is beneficial to both parties.

Ask any girl with healthy self-respect and no girl would want to be in a relationship with a meek.