Ahmad Fadli KC : 08.2009 : The Art of Doing Almost Anything In Life (Part One) (Uncategorized)

(I delivered this speech as part of my assignment in a public speaking workshop that I attended )

Ladies and gentleman,

Over the past few years, I have been trying to master 3 skills in my life. They are public speaking, wealth building and understanding dating and attraction.

Along the way, I have managed to master only 1 out of the 3 skills. But there is something else that I accidentally learn as well. I learn the process of learning.

Yes, I learn how to learn.

I realise there are a recurring pattern or theme that underlies my journey to mastering these 3 skills. These patterns can be applied to anything new that I want to do or master in future.

And I call this pattern “The Art of Doing Almost Anything In Life”

The first principle of this art is Small is Beautiful.

When we see a great speaker speaks, all we see is a great speaker speaking. And we admire that person. We want to be able to speak exactly like that person.

But there is something else that we do not know.

Before that person is able to speak in such an amazing way, he has gone through countless hours of practice.

Before he is able to speak confidently, his initial speeches years ago might not be as good as it is today.

But he knows a good speaker masters one small skill at a time. He builds up one small skill of being a good speaker on top of the current skill he has. First, he masters the way of opening a speech with an impact. And then he masters the skill of developing interesting content. Subsequently, he masters the skill of closing a speech “neatly” on top of the other two skills.

He knows that learning comes in small chunks. He takes the learning process in small steps and in the end masters the whole steps.