Ahmad Fadli KC : 07.2009 : Sex Aside I am Embracing a New Religion (Uncategorized)

I think it is called enlightenment. But it sounds too grand, sophisticated, and too religious (Buddhism kind of religious)

I have not been updating my blog for almost 17 days. And during these 17 days I must say I have been through a new spiritual journey.

This is due to a few books and blog that I read and these books and blogs have altered my view of this world a little bit.

But it has a big impact on how I live my life.

I am now embracing simple living. Simplicity.

I have been trying to simplify every single area in my life bit by bit. I did not realise that I have been doing this all this while.

But of late, I am doing it more aggressively. I am decluttering my life. I am in the process of decluttering my life  little by little.

First thing I did was clearing my e-mail inbox at work. Those of you who are cubicle slaves like me know how many e-mails do we get daily. I mercilessly deleted all the e-mails that are not important and created some new folders to file the important e-mails.

Every day before I finish working in the office, I clear my inbox. Therefore, I have an empty inbox.

And contrary to before, I no longer turn on my Outlook at work all the time. I no longer  check e-mail the first thing in the morning.

I check e-mail 3 times a day. I will cut it down to 2 times only. I check e-mail at 10 AM,12 PM and 4 AM.

Research has shown that if we send an e-mail at 12PM and 4PM at work, we will most likely get a response in the shortest time. No follow up with phone calls are needed.

I have also been simplifying my bedroom as simple as possible. I have decluttered my room. And I am going to declutter it more and more agressively. It is visually less stressful nowadays every time I come home from work.

I try to have nothing on the floor in the near future. Which means there should be a place for every thing in my bedroom and every thing should be in its place.

No books or piles of shirts on the bedroom floor.

Now, I feel more at ease with myself. Relax and peaceful.

I have also simplify/minimalise my dating life. At one time, I used to date four girls. As a person who believes in emotional integrity, all the girls knew that I was seeing some other girls. And they are ok with it.

That is how far you can go with honesty.

But it was draining my energy. I was emotionally tired. You have seven days a week and what if every girl demands at least four hours of your time daily?

But for now, I am happy with seeing only one girl at one time. Less is more.

I am really looking forward to simplify and declutter my life.

Sometimes I feel like a Zen Buddhism monk. Minus the celibacy part of course 🙂

Do you feel like  simplifying your life too? Leave your comments below.