Ahmad Fadli KC : 06.2009 : Is Beauty and Sex Enough? (Uncategorized)

Let me ask you GUYS one thing. What do you look for in a girl date you date other than beauty?

Caring? Loving? No no no. I am not taking about these qualities. These qualities can only be known when you get to know a person at a much deeper level.

I am talking about the quality that you can identify in a girl after spending about 5 minutes talking to her.

 As for me, I want a girl who is an extrovert, outgoing and yet has a healthy personality. And speaks good English.

 A lot of guys have a hard time coming up with the answer to the question above. Why is it so?

 This is because all this while beauty is the main and only criteria that these people have been looking for in a girl that they date.

 It is not wrong to do so. But push it further. Expect more than just beauty.

 Don’t make beauty the main criteria. Make it the baseline criteria when you look for a date.

My baseline criteria when it comes to dating is that first, the girl has to be beautiful and second, she must want to use me for sex 😀

 These are the baseline. It is like going to a car showroom to buy a car and asking whether the car that you are interested to buy comes with tires or not. You don’t have to!

 Every car should come with tires.  The same goes to the girls. They should be beautiful and want to use me for sex. A must.

 Then only I’ll be asking myself what else do they have on the plate.

 Actually this concept I borrow it from girls. Beautiful girls to be exact.

 When these girls are out in the dating field they know they will be swamped by men who are rich and ready to give her their dicks.

 But what else apart from money and dicks that these guys can offer?

 That is the question that they ask themselves.

 So guys, it is about time that we learn from those beauty girls