Ahmad Fadli KC : 06.2009 : Loving Company Loathing Attachment (Uncategorized)

When I say loving company, I mean I love the company of great persons/girl/s in my life.

And when I say loathing attachment, I hate being emotionally attached to another person. I don’t like and do not want my happiness to be anchored to another person’s words and gestures and attention đŸ˜€Â 

It is not the other way around. I love it when another person is emotionally attached to me. I will then have the gift of giving. My words, gestures and attention is a source of happiness to them.

What is the point of being a man if you don’t give yourself to the world that needs you?

Give yourself to the world. Let your ego go away. Bare your naked soul that you love to the world. Let them bask in your energy and essence.

And with your women, penetrate her heart with your relentless presence .

Love them as how they would love themselves. Give them what they need not what they want. But do not get attached to them.

Stay true to your purpose. Only then the world can enjoy your whole presence on this universe.

P.S – I was “possesed” by Osho, Eckhart Tolle and Deida when I was writing this đŸ˜€