Ahmad Fadli KC : 06.2009 : The Only Thing You Need to Change In Yourself (Uncategorized)

I have been having this idea for quite some time. And now only I am able to put it into words.

I was once thinking how can a person be more attractive to the opposite sex in the simplest way. And the answer is simple . Very simple indeed (I have been practising the art of simplicity lately but lets keep that for another post).

For men, in order to be more attractive , most of the time he needs to alter a little bit of his personality.

When I say personality, it includes the way a guy thinks which is translated to to the way he acts (around women).

Let’s focus on one small aspect of personality. Fashion sense. Deria fesyen. Most of my male friends who I consider to be fairly attractive passively (intelligent,have good job, interesting conversationalist), are not giving enough attention to the way they dress.

To this group of guys, they think they should just be themselves and girls should just like them them for who they are.

To me, this is very wrong. In terms of dating,seduction and attraction, what is the purpose of clothes?

Clothes serve the purpose of conveying your inner-identity to the rest of the world. So if one thinks being sloppy is an attractive personality to convey to the world, go ahead and dress up sloppily.

To get this correctly, if a guy is into music, dress up like a rockstar and let the world see your true self.

The passion in music will ignite the passion in the girls towards you ! 🙂

And for the girls, you just have to alter the way you appear. Sorry, but the world is very superficial. 🙂

Of course guys want girls with personality but we still need to wake up in the morning seeing a beautiful face next to us.

If you think you are overweight, put the effort to lose some weight. I believe there are plenty of ways to be beautiful and that is why we have all those countless female magazines in the first place, don’t we ? 🙂

So there you go, the only thing you need to change in yourself.

A portion of your personality for men.

And the way you appear for women.