Ahmad Fadli KC : 05.2009 : The Ten Irrefutable Commandments of Dating and Eventually Sex (Uncategorized)

(This article appeared in my previous blog so now I’m putting it up here for the new readers of my blog to read..and enjoy !)

If Love is a Religion, I want to play a Messenger. And these are my Ten Commandments.

These Ten Commandments are to be followed by men. And girls who date men that do not follow these commandments are “cursed” to an unhappy life ever after.

Love is a harsh religion indeed.

The Ten Commandments are :

1. You shall not ask a girl out on a date.

2.  If a girl asks you out on a date, you shall accept it and give her a chance to prove herself.

3. You shall prepare sufficient money to cover all the expenses during a first date.

4. If she offers to pay some, you should let her do so. And she is girlfriend material.

5. You shall not give flowers or any gift to the lady on a first date.

6. You shall understand that your time is the most expensive gift you can give her. Period.

7. You can only give flowers or any gift to a lady after she sleeps with you.

8. You shall keep in touch with a girl you sleep with. She is a human and does not want to feel used.

9. You shall not give the details of your bedroom action with your loved ones to your drinking buddy.

10. You shall only say I Love You when you put a ring on a finger.