Ahmad Fadli KC : 05.2009 : When Can A Girl Be Sexy (Uncategorized)

Before I tell you my readers when can a girl be sexy, let us explore the meaning of “sexy” itself.

“Sexy” is derived from the word “sex”. Simple. And what does the word “sex’ mean? Well, other than the box where you have to choose “male” or “female”, “sex” in the simplest form means having sex.

So when we say that a girl is sexy, we are actually saying that the girl has the ability to make others feel drawn to make love to her. Or to mate with her.

Most of my friends know that I am a shallow guy. I am not deep. To me sexy is about wearing tight skimpy revealing clothes.

Oh ya, it has something to do with the way a girl carries herself also. But I don’t wish to explore on this further.

So , back to the question. When can a girl be sexy?

A girl can only be sexy when she is already intelligent and beautiful.

If she is not beautiful and intelligent and yet sexy, it is going to be a big problem to her.

A lot of guys will be hitting on her with the hope of sleeping with her. And she might fall for one of those guys that hit on her. But the guy, all he wants might be just to sleep with her. 

My point is, the old saying of  “Bait him with your body and keep him with your brain still rings true”.

P/S – I have no idea on how to expand on this but I just feel like getting my message across.