Ahmad Fadli KC : 04.2009 : 10 Dalil Kenapa Kawan Dengan Saya Lagi Baik Dari Pacaran Dengan Saya (Uncategorized)

1. I will stop bullet for my friend but I will donate part of my organs (blood, kidney,liver etc) if a girlfriends need it. I will die for my friend but I want my girlfriend and I to live together and forever. Chewah !

2. My friend doesn’t need to bear with my PMS-ing, but a girlfriend..didn’t I tell you it was in the job description?

3. If a friend is really in need of help at 3 AM in the morning I will go to him or her. And I might have to leave in the middle of having a great sex with a girlfriend to attend to a friend that needs help at 3 AM in the morning.

4. If you are a friend, you can dress sloppily if you are intelligent. For a girlfriend, you dress up not according to my taste, I will take you to the nearest shop and get you something else to wear. And that shirt that I don’t like, I will keep it. 

5. I treasure friendship more than I treasure a “relationship”.

6. For a friend, I will cover your ass if you are in trouble. A girlfriend, I’d love to discover your ass and your assets. Literally and figuratively.

7. If you are in the VIP list friend, you have the VIP pass to call me before 12 PM on weekends and you can expect me to pick up  the phone.  If you are a girlfriend, don’t ever think of calling me before 12 PM on weekends. You should be next to me in bed.

8. I am good and nice  to a friend most of the time. I am good,nice and romantic to a girlfriend during the first year only.

9. I am a private person but I am not that a private person with some friends. With a girlfriend, I would love to be in private with you but I am into public display of affection. 

10. If I ask you do you read my blog and you say no, and you are my friend,well it’s fine. If you were my girlfriend and you don’t read my blog, now you know why you “were” my girlfriend ;-)