Ahmad Fadli KC : 04.2009 : Fun Is The New Confidence (Uncategorized)

I was out with 4 female friends last Saturday evening . Two be exact 2 new friends and 4 regular friends.

It was unplanned at first. I was involved in a theatre production and after the show ended, one of the girls suggested to go for a karaoke session. Two other guys were supposed to go as well but in the end I was the only guy in the group.

We were having fun. Sooo much fun. And one of the girl, the first one to sing, sang  Tak Tercapai Akalmu by Elyana !

I almost fall in love with her when she sang that song by Elyana. 🙂 For one, I like Elyana very much. That oval face, the fleshy and mounted cheek, and the laidback attitude almost complete the package. And the voice of course.

And the new friend, she sang the song very well and very beautifully. If she had sung Kasih by Hetty Koes Endang or Stick With You by Pussycat Dolls as another song, and look me in the eye as she sings that song, I will sell my mom to get her to be my exclusive girlfriend ! Haha..

Lucky thing I have a policy of dating girls who are 24 years old and above only. Less drama, less jealousy and more stable emotionally.

Maybe I should think  of reviewing that policy …:-)

That is not my main point actually.

When I was hanging out with the girls, I was reminded of one thing that I have forgotten for quite sometimes.

Girls like to have fun.

Girls may like confident guys but girls wanna have fun as well.

A fun guy is surely confident of himself but a confident guy is not necessarily a fun guy. I am quoting the words of one of my guru.

Confidence at times can faked. It is not wrong to fake confident because as one goes along, eventually acting is being.

But if one is not fun or not having fun, it is obvious. When socialising, that person will just sit at one corner rigidly, not mingling around with the crowd he is in, does not like to try new things and becomes a social retard.

Being fun is also equivalent to having a good sense of humor. The way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh and happy.I never know anyone who is consistently good with women who doesn’t make them laugh.

Being fun also means that one is already generally attractive to the female.

When you go on a date, be fun. Talk about stuff that both of you enjoy, can relate to and is associated with good feelings.

If you ever think about being intelligent and deep by talking about global warming or globalosation issues, just forget it.

You don’t have to be “deep”. The only time you are allowed to be “deep” is when you are deep inside her.

And I can assure you guys, by being a person that is fun alone you are 70% closer to getting better with girls.

Another 20% comes from being able to take things sexually when the timing is right.

And another 10% has to do with the basics. I’ll talk about this some other time in the future.

So remember guys, when you go out there to socialise, be fun and have fun ok !

And be safe .