Ahmad Fadli KC : 04.2009 : What makes a woman, a woman (Uncategorized)

Is it her womb, is it her long silky hair, is it her vagina , or is it her large and wide hips?

The list can goes on and on and on but my point is simple.

What makes a woman, a woman, is her boobs.

Her breast.


Let us study this from three angles . A woman, a man that wants to become a woman, and a man that lusts after a woman.

Some woman drives their self esteem from the appearance of their breast. They won’t tell themselves I feel like a woman because I have long nice hair.

And a woman who losts her breast to cancer, usually at some point of time will have some self-image issue. She feels that she is now less a woman. She needs a lot of reassurance from her partner that she is still attractive as a woman.

A bald woman can still be beautiful. Look at Natalie Portman last time and Sharifah Amani.

Rambut bukan mahkota wanita ! 🙂 But something else is…

Second, a man that dresses up as a woman and provides some sexual service as a source of income.

Their transformation are not complete as a woman if they do not “have ” breast. It is not the hair or the wigs that make them a ‘woman’.

It’s the boobs.

Kalau tak ada tetek Mak bukan perempuan noks !

Third, a man that lusts after a woman. Seeing a woman with long hair will not make one…mmm..horny.

But seeing a woman with a nice pair of bosom can cause some chemical reactions in a man’s body.

It is not the vagina.

Imagine you are eating at your usual Tom Yam food joints. Suddenly your friend tells you “Do you know that Siam waiter, that looks manly and macho actually has a…… pussy?”

What do you feel? You feel funny and you find it hard to believe. But the mere fact that he might have a vagina does not make you view him as a woman. He is still a man….with a pussy.

You don’t even want to think of sleeping with him. It’s just gross.

But ask yourself how many men have done it with another man that has  a pair of boobs and dressed up as a woman .

You tell yourself the answer.

But all in all, do not be deceived by the way it looks. Or they look.

I mean the breasts. What you see is not necessarily what you get mind you.

Sometimes they look big but they don’t feel as “big” as they look.

Sometimes they look “modest” but they feel very nice !

Don’t judge a pair of breasts by the way they bounce . 🙂

P/S – I am on the way to the lawyer’s office to get the last sentence TradeMarked.