Ahmad Fadli KC : 03.2009 : Dialogue of The Day (Uncategorized)

(It is hard not to update this blog when you have quite a number of encouraging visitors reading your blog everyday)

‘Him’ is a guy who believes he is much more handsome than he really is . This is because he can walk into a room and get out of the room with somebody else’s girlfriend hand in hand.

‘Her’ is a personal friend of him that probably earns more than ‘Him’.

The following dialogue is a real life dialogue.

Him : I really like the way you dress up today, of all the days.

(‘Her’ is wearing a red checkered shirt with jeans)

Her : Owh really ? What is it that you like about it?

Him : Well, for one you look simple and still alluring. The rest of the days you look ermm..plainly sophisticated. But…

Her : But what ??

Him : Unlucky you, you have to line up behind four other girls to go out with me..(Smiling cockily)

Her : Haaa…who are the other four?

Him : Well first there is Ramlah, then Esther, then Shantini and then Maple.

Her : Aaarrr…

Him : You know what, I wish today is the FIRST time I saw you…(Smiling)

Her : Why?

Him : Then only I can fall in love at the FIRST sight with you..(Smiling in a teasing way)

Her : Chey ……

Him : But you are lucky today is not the first time I saw you..

Her : Why-lah?

Him : I fall in love at the FIRST sight but I will hate you at the second sight.

Her : You naughty you !

Him : Don’t tell (her boyfriend) I am saying this to you…I am taller than him but he is much stronger than I am..(Smiling cockily again) …He is busy going to the gym but I am too busy going out with girls who go to a gym.

Her : Me and (her boyfriend)..we are now FRIENDS  actually….

Him : (That means something) …..