Ahmad Fadli KC : 03.2009 : KC's Version of "15 Ways To Tell If Your Guy Is Really In Love With You" (Uncategorized)

1. He is worried about your safety genuinely when you are away from him. But he does not want to appear too possessive as well.

2. He wants to know every single mundane details about your life like what is the colour of your clothes today, how is your life and how many sticks of cigarette have you taken for that day. But he does not want to crowd you with his over the top inquisitive nature about you.

3. He kisses you repeatedly and furiously like a father kisses his small child after not seeing you for a long time. That is all because he wanted to make up for all the loss time to spend with you before that.

4. He wants you to be happy happy all the time and if he sees that you are sad, he will go out of his way and do whatever he can to make you happy again.

5. He starts to feel affectionate towards the thing/person that you deeply care about. For instance, he might not have meet your mother but the fact that you keep on talking about how dear she is to you makes him slowly feels that he cares about your mom as well.

6. He can’t stop from doing PDA when both of you are in public because he is proud to have you by his side and he wants the whole world to know that you are his. And only his.

7. He knows about your past but he only sees the future of you and him.

8. He starts to refer you and him as “we”.

9. He will start wanting you for more than just sex.

10. He is happy by simply hearing your happy voice over the phone.

11. He starts uttering corny lines to you that before this will make him puke if he hears some other guys say it.

12. He sulks when he feels like you are not returning his love. But most of the time he does not show it.

13. Deep inside him, he feels like wanting to take care of you FOREVER.

14. If he sleeps with you, when he wakes up in the middle of the  night he kisses your head or your cheek or your forehead. That is the time he feels the most “kasih sayang” towards you. You look so vulnerable to him. At that time.

15. He sometimes ask you or himself where have you been all this while before both of you got together. That is because he feels like you and him are destined to be together and you both should have met earlier.