Ahmad Fadli KC : 03.2009 : Is it Wrong to Snatch Other People's Girlfriend? (Uncategorized)

It is not wrong to snatch some other people’s girlfriend on 1 condition.

That guy  whose girlfriend you take away is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

It means you should know him and talk to him less than 48 hours.

If you know each other more than 48 hours and you used to borrow or lend him money, you should never ever think to bang his girlfriend, no matter how hot the girlfriend is.

So what makes it OK to snatch another guy’s girlfriend?

Well, you are actually doing a favour to both the guy and the girlfriend.

If he happens to be a jerk, you save her from a jerk.

If she is a jerk, you save that guy from her.

Both ways you are adding value to both parties.

But some quarter might ask..

What if it is YOUR girlfriend KC?

Do you even know how those guys feel, KC?

OK, to answer this question, let me tell you this.

First and foremost, I take good care of my girls.

This is because I believe, if the girl likes me, is really interested in me and has great attitude, there is no reason for her to go to other men.

And I in return treat her with respect, appreciation and romance from time to time, she will surely stick around for ME.

But still, if she leaves, she is not worth keeping.

Second, I have to accept it like a man that SHE MIGHT THINK that I am not able to fulfill her some of her needs.

So accept it like a man, learn the lesson and move on.

Back to reality, I did once saved a girl from a jerk  and I again saved a guy from a useless girl.

But of course, as a nice guy, I “accidentally” gave both girls part of my heart and they never return it to me.