Ahmad Fadli KC : 02.2009 : Relationship is like Prepaid Pack (Uncategorized)

When a prepaid pack promoter approaches you, they never ask “Sir, do you have a prepaid line?”

What they do usually is to just shove it into your face and will utter some sales pitch like “We have a better rate for blah blah blah..”

Its the same with when getting to know a girl. You should never ask her whether she has a boyfriend or not.

What you should do is to present yourself as a much better option.

Then they will switch “telco provider” if they realise that you are a better option with a better “rate”.

The old maxim of “Best man wins”  is still very true.

But did I tell you to never go after a married girl/lady?

That is a very dangerous zone brother..

I myself never heard of someone enjoy having two fixed postpaid line 🙂

There is just too much trouble.

Have an abundance mentality will you?